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Nantsan Eco-friendly Scale-like SAF pigment for Synthetic Leather
Product features:

Our scale-like* PU color chips are widely used in tinting and changing the colors of various artificial leathers and can also be made into a liquid ink capable of being imprinted on the surface of artificial leather. The color is developed using PVAC as a carrier. An intricate refinement process has increased its resistance to scattering while also giving it the qualities of easy dispersibility, heightened brightness, excellent coloration, and high stability. The product's durability makes it suitable for long term storage and resistant to rough handling during transportation.

Operating Procedures:

1.During the high-speed mixing process, the powdered pigment needs to be added in slowly and gradually in order to avoid undissolved pigments or clumping.
2.During the high-speed mixing process, the PU resin needs to be first diluted with a solvent until the viscosity settles between 3000 to 5000 CPS. Then add in the pigment and mix for another 7 to 20 minutes (depending on the volume of the solution).
3.After mixing, fine-tune until color is as desired (recommended amount: pigment 3-5%, , COMPOUNDS 95-97%).