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Nantsan Dry Processing Ink UD Color Paste for Synthetic Leather
Dry processed, post-processed, coated with water-based color paste:

This line of products is made of high concentration water-based color pastes, designed especially to accommodate water-based systems development. The paste exhibits strong dispersibility, uniform granularity, bright coloration, and other desirable characteristics, as well as having good intermiscibility with water-based acrylic acid and water-based polyurethane. It is suitable for water-based dry processing, water-based coating, and washing synthetic leather.

Solvent: water
Granularity (fineness): 5 μm
Storage:Please store at 30 degrees Celsius or lower, shelf life of 6 months when tightly sealed. Mix before use.

The dry processed ink UD color paste and color cards provided in this catalog are standard colors selected for practical applications. At the same time, our technical department will also provide support on custom colors according to the needs of our customers.

The experimental results and conclusions provided in this catalog are for reference only. Please experiment with these colors based on individual preference and conditions before using.