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Nantsan specialized color sand for WPC profiles

Nantsan WPC and our specialized color sand for plastic profiles is our company's newest environmentally friendly profile colorant developed especially for the recent developments in both the domestic and international emerging real estate market. Our special processing begins with carefully chosen non-toxic dyes, then developed with special resin, additives, and finally ground and refined into profiles, indoor and outdoor WPC's, and color sand designed for decorative materials. It possesses superb dispersibility and weatherability, strong coloration, pollutant-free, and is suitable for storage and transportation. It is widely used in the profile manufacturing process and is applicable in indoor and outdoor color processing. This product is most suitable for WPC and plastic steel extruded through single and double plastic extrusion machines.

The color sand provided in this catalog are standard colors selected for practical applications. At the same time, our technical department will also provide support on custom colors according to the needs of our customers.

The experimental results and conclusions provided in this catalog are for reference only. Please experiment with these colors based on individual preference and conditions before using.