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Nantsan VB Color Cake for PVC

Pigments are applied to our Nantsan brand PVC with VB-COLOR cake after a careful selection process. Combined with PVC resin and high quality eco-friendly additives, it is then reinforced with an appropriate amount of stabilizers and dispersants. It is then ground and refined using machinery to create gel-like pieces, aiding in dispersion. It is a high concentration colorant, possessing superior stability and excellent dispersibility. Due to its characteristic quality of having a high efficacy in heavy loads and operations, it has been widely used in the coloring of highly flexible PVC. Colorant and plastics processing is usually most effective with the Bambury Mixer or the 2 Roll Mill.

The color cakes (VB-COLOR) provided in this catalog are standard colors selected for practical applications. At the same time, our technical department will also provide support on custom colors according to the needs of our customers.

The experimental results and conclusions provided in this catalog are for reference only. Please experiment with these colors based on individual preference and conditions before using.