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Nantsan VT Color Paste for PVC.

Pigments are applied to our Nantsan brand PVC with VT-COLOR paste after an intricate selection process. After being combined with non-toxic plasticizers, appropriate amounts of stabilizers and dispersants are added, and finally ground and refined by machinery into paste form to make it a highly dispersible high-concentration colorant. The product is suitable as a PVC paste resin colorant and widely used in the intermediate layer of semi-PU materials, as well as PVC coating and colorants for other soft plastic products.

The color pastes (VT-COLOR) provided in this catalog are standard colors selected for practical applications. At the same time, our technical department will also provide support on custom colors according to the needs of our customers.

The experimental results and conclusions provided in this catalog are for reference only. Please experiment with these colors based on individual preference and conditions before using.